Bonfire Night Essentials For Your Dog

Essential Management strategies to help your dog on bonfire night…

If you’ve been unable to implement the advice given on my last blog, this is where we need to MANAGE your dog’s stress levels rather than RESOLVING to help your dog cope. Below I’ve listed a few tips that can help you help your dog:

  • Avoid walking your dog after 3pm. Even if this means your dog will end up missing their walk on Sunday. It is perfectly fine
  • Provide a den for your dog to retreat to. For example, a space behind the sofa, under the table, a crate with a blanket over the top, back and sides with the door open always kept open. Don’t pressure your dog to come out of the den area – this is where your dog is feeling most safe and secure
  • Get some puzzle games ready for your dog to play with to PREVENT him/her getting stressed/going over threshold. And continue mental stimulation games throughout the evening
  • If your dog needs to go out to the toilet, go out with your dog into the garden
  • Keep the curtains closed
  • Use a herbal remedy such as Dorwest Scullcap & Valerian
  • Adaptil plugin or collar
  • Turn the TV up loud, and any room that your dog has access to, have the radio on and have classical music playing
  • Provide something that your dog can chew on. Chewing behaviour promotes relaxation
  • Thundershirt may help or wraps
  • Tellington TTouch

And lastly but most importantly, if you know your dog is likely to be stressed, panicked and struggling to cope on bonfire night, do not leave him/her alone. Even if this means you missing out on seeing fireworks at an event. In my opinion, helping your dog to cope throughout bonfire night is more important.

Once Sunday night has passed, if you would like guidance on how to RESOLVE the behaviour issue rather than MANAGE at the time of the event, then got n touch to arrange a home visit.